August 2014

We truly had the best time making inside

Thank you to our spectacular collaborator, Cat and the Queen, and the off-the-charts awesome team.

Thank you to each of you that travelled from near or far, that got babysitters, that booked tickets early (or late), and that went a bit (or a lot) out of your comfort zone... We were so lucky to have you.

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July 2014

the blood projects are collaborating with Cat and the Queen. We are making a series of one-on-one encounters exploring the public presentation of self and the private experience of self. It's called inside. It runs August 9-12, with three shows nightly in a secret west-end location.

Tickets go on sale at noon on Monday, July 28th. There are only five audience members a show, so we encourage you to book early. You won't want to miss our latest theatrical experiment

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