Things people said about This Is It:

Now Magazine (Stage Scenes)

"Under Mark Wilson’s direction, Athanasopoulos and Jurgens have believable chemistry from the start. Kostas talks a lot, and Eve is less inclined to put her feelings into words, and when she does it usually involves “fuck.” But not all the episodes depend on words; several make their point physically and take place in bed... Singer-Wilson nails the state of their relationship at any one moment..."

Things people said about little tongues:

Now Magazine
Critic's Pick NNNNN/5

"Stellar off-site debut by writer Sasha Singer-Wilson... The total commitment to realism is stunning, with strong dialogue and outstanding performances by the entire seven-member ensemble, building an absorbing and deeply emotional narrative." Read the whole review here.

Mooney on Theatre
"Sasha Singer-Wilson's tight script feels genuine the whole way though... the entire experience was rather astounding... The piece was so visceral." Read the whole review here.

"little tongues embodied so much of what excites us about live theatre; an intimate and immediate experience with the audience and performers only a breath away from each other. The details of the space absolutely supported and enhanced the world of the play. How exciting to not know where a character would emerge from, and to have multiple scenes going on in different parts of the space. Inviting the audience to position ourselves wherever we wanted immersed us deeply in the action and encouraged a kind of voyeurism that made the experience of little tongues all the more visceral. We hope this play returns for a longer run so that it can excite more audiences as it did us!"
- Julie Tepperman & Aaron Willis, Convergence Theatre 

"To say the playwright shows great promise is an understatement. The script was realized by an excellent first production. The actors rendered well defined and fully formed characters, thanks in large measure to the excellence of the dialogue. We never tire of hearing or telling these stories, especially when as well and convincingly told as they were in little tongues, because they are about the truth, and therefore completely compelling."
- Robert Morgan, Playwright/Actor/Director/Producer